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IntroductionThis technical note is about the consistency principle in calculating present value of changes in working capital as part of cash flow analysis.Altering Rationality: The Impact of Group Support Systems and Style of Leadership.

The Effects of the Diagnostic and Interactive Use of Management Control Systems on the Strategy-Performance Relationship.Journal of Applied Management Accounting Research (Winter): 49-62.

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Contemporary Issues in Management Accounting Alnoor Bhimani Abstract. 15 Changing times: management accounting research and practice from a UK perspective.AbstractThis paper is a case study that provides an overview of The Deceptive and Misleading Advertising laws.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Winter): 59-68.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Winter): 31-46.AbstracThis study investigates the impact of changes in business environment and manufacturing technology on organizational strategy, structure and management accounting practices, and the effect of these changes on the organizational performance of.

ABSTRACT: This article provides a content and citation analysis of 186 articles published in the Journal of Management Accounting Research (JMAR) between 1989 and 2008.Basuki, B. and M. D. Riediansyaf. 2014. The application of time-driven.IntroductionGiven a highly competitive environment, companies must manage costs properly, especially at the new product development (NPD) stage, if they want to survive.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Winter): 47-58.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Winter): 51-71.AbstractThis research examines how the use of nonfinancial performance measures for employee performance evaluation affects three employee outcomes - procedural fairness, job satisfaction and organisational commitment.The results, based on a sample of.Provides a thorough critical analysis of recent issues published in the.

Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Winter): 39-58.Your source for management ideas and insights, delivered to your inbox.Management Accounting Practices of (UK) Small-Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs).Testing the Rational Decision-Making Model through an Outsourcing Task.IntroductionThe term technological unemployment (Keynes, 1930) describes a situation where the pace of technology change is so rapid that the number of new jobs created by the economy is unable to replace those made redundant by the changes. In 2014,.AbstractThis paper sets out to make a significant contribution to research both by introducing a quantitative approach to landscaping the intensity of industry competition, and then demonstrating its applicability using cross-industry data.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Summer): 75-84.AbstractWhile so much attention has been given in the western world to the issues surrounding Fair Value Accounting (FVA), especially in light of the recent Global Financial Crisis (GFC), little is known about its implications in the developing world.Accounting Research Journal ISSN: 1030-9616 Online from: 2005 Subject Area: Accounting,.

AbstractIn managing a company, the management and the board need accurate information about operational cost structures and profitability in order to help them in the decision making processes.Marquez-Ramos, L. and J. A. Aparisi-Caudeli. 2013. The impact of.Winter 2002 - Winter 2015 Provided by James R. Martin, Ph.D., CMA Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida.

Waweru, N. M. and G. K. Riro. 2013. Corporate governance, firm.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Winter): 35-42.This is because for some companies, product cost is mostly predetermined during.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Winter): 63-78.The Editorial Policy and Submission Information is unique for each American Accounting Association journal.

View Management Accounting Research Papers on for free.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Winter): 39-54. (A graduate course in accounting.

Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Summer): 69-80.Cash Flow and the Consistency Principle in Working Capital Management Calculations.

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Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Winter): 1-20. (Related to environmental.Benjamin, S. J., A. Niskkalan and M. S. Marathamuthu. 2012.Fair value accounting and the global financial crisis: The Malaysianexperience.The key assumption is that, in manufacturing companies, the use of contribution margin per hour in pricing and profitability analyses provides stronger.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Summer): 29-40. (The issues include.Statistics are updated weekly using participating publisher data sourced exclusively from Crossref.

Looking for a qualified accountant or freelancers from similar background to provide guidelines in Management accounting system.Volume one of the Handbooks of Management Accounting Research sets the context for both Handbooks, with three chapters outlining the historical development of.Management Accounting in the 21st Century: A Profession for Which the Time Has Come.Journal of Applied Management Accounting Research (Summer): 75-86.We use cookies to deliver a better user experience and to show you ads based on your interests.Ratnatunga, J. 2012. Ivory towers and legal powers: Attitudes and.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Summer): 37-55.In this chapter, we review management accounting research in the hospitality sector, focusing on hotels and the ancillary activities, especially restaurants and bars.Adaption-Innovation at Work: A New Measure of Problem- Solving Styles.

It focuses on the case brought against GM Holden Ltd (Saab) in Australia in 2008 by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).Integrating Target Costing and Resource Consumption Accounting.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Winter): 75-88.The Impact of Management Accounting Systems on International Markets: Theory and Evidence Using the Balanced Scorecard Approach.

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Gervais, M., Y. Levant and C. Ducrocq. 2010. Time-drivenactivity-based costing (TDABC): An initial appraisal through alongitudinal case study.

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