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In the Army, saluting is to show respect toward an officer, flag, or our country.The Chain of Command has legal responsibility for training, discipline, and overall welfare.Despite the size of the topic i have been unable to find many resources pertaining to military bearing.

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Wikipedia, which generally has information, right or wrong, on everything, even draws a complete blank.One is to observe a sense of calmness even in the most stressful situations, leaders of the United States Army should maintain their military bearing even in situations where it seems chaotic, out of control or a civilian would respond in panic.

The sharp uniform, perfect haircut, and their motivation and pride in their appearance.A soldier who had never deployed overseas was different from someone who had, even if his deployment had only been to Europe, while there was a definite difference between those two and someone who had returned from a combat theater.This values are the core of this organization and provides structure, leadership, motivation and assurance that soldiers will be attentive to details, orders will be followed and mission will be accomplished.Definition of Military Discipline Military Discipline is a state of order and obedience existing within a command.Without one of the core values, the other values would not exist, and without the core values, military bearing would not exist.This 4 page paper defines respect and military bearing, and why they are important to the military.

These people include consumer-to-business of a business, military bearing essay of support from social individuals.It teaches you and will surely make you not forget and what you are supposed to be doing and what should have been done if mistakes are present.

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The reason for this goes back to situations in where leaders, Non-Commisioned officers and officers would have to make swift decisions in the battlefield that may affect the lives of their soldiers.These by richard levinson and research essay or distributors of uranium mannix is on cbs.

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With the discipline developed in training a soldier will get the job done, discipline gives the confidence to act correctly and properly even under stressful conditions.What the military are principally reacting to is the implicit challenge.Military bearing itself is gleaned from several places such as, the articles of the UCMJ, The eleven general orders of a sentry, as well as our own Sailors Creed.

The foundation of Military Law is in the Uniform Code of Military Justice.The reason for this goes back to battlefield and combat conditions once again.

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As a basic everyone is expected to address everyone by their proper tittles.No matter how crooked, bent or unorganized you think he is, you are expected to give respect and act accordingly, otherwise anyone challenging the authority of a non-commissioned officer or his seniors is legally punished and reprimanded.

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It is best to review this document with an open and clear mind while understanding that the world consists of individuals with unlike minds.

As a soldiers progresses through his military career, his military discipline is thought to be solidly carved and polished into his being, not only because he is a soldier but because this is who he is.Discipline is actually a positive value that protects us from danger and destruction.

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Leaders should be able to make these big decisions with all his confidence projecting out with his military bearing.Military research papers - Online Term Paper Writing Website - We Can Write You High-Quality Papers For Cheap Quality Essay And Research Paper Writing Company - We.Its extending respect to seniors at all times and the proper conduct, discipline, prompt execution of orders and to maintain separation of ranks.

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The enemy will stand no chance against a well directed and well-disciplined army.As I currently recruit writing patterns and mental observations dealing with the subject at hand.

Being disciplined simply means the understanding of our tasks and obeying our orders promptly because our fellow soldiers and leaders depend on us to do so.Without military respect and respect for authority, there will be no structure and the entirety of the United States Army would fail.I have 2 paragraphs down taking up approximately half a page and i dont know how to continue.Study field manuals and other military literature...Discipline is the desire to do what is right even if its difficult.