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Several allow you to customize a puzzle as appropriate for your class and school policies.While the special jargon that scientists use usually makes them sound super-smart, sometimes it sounds downright dirty.


Impromptu Speech Exercise: Ask each student to draw one to five words to use in a speech to give to the class.

Parker Booth and Kathy discuss body parts that sound dirty but.

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It may sound like a word for getting down and dirty, but this is actually a medical term for the sensation that small insects are crawling over your skin. Eek.

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From lubricating the throat with saliva to triggering the gag reflex to assisting with speech, scientists have long debated its true function.

The Top 10 Investing Terms That Sound Dirty. Recs. 68 Follow. Report. And the number one investing term that sounds dirty is. 1. Pump and dump.Here are 6 tips for parents of college students on surviving and enjoying Thanksgiving break. and dirty laundry. is a turning point in terms of settling.I adore the following, in no particular order: knee-high tube socks, acrostic poetry, and my little brother.

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Print the words in large letters or write them with large markers on a whiteboard or chalkboard so all students can see them well throughout the classroom.Faith-based schools may emphasize the religious overtones of the holiday, while public schools may keep lessons focused on secular traditions.

Just check out the list below for 15 more words that sound much more NSFW than they really are. It may sound like a word for getting down and dirty,.


This is the scientific word for when your hair stands on end.Not kidding, cummingtonite is a brownish mineral made mostly of iron and magnesium (see below for its chemical formula).

Some words may be unfamiliar to students and spark discussions about how Americans celebrated the holiday in the past compared to today, and how celebrations might be distinct in different areas of the country and different family units.

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This comprehensive Thanksgiving vocabulary word list can be used in the classroom in so many ways, including word walls, word searches, puzzles, hangman and bingo games, crafts, worksheets, story starters, creative writing word banks, and a wide variety of elementary lesson plans on almost any subject.

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Poem or Story Written Word Exercise: In this activity students select a few words at random from a hat and use them in a poem or story.Using seasonal words can help them with other Thanksgiving reading assignments and activities.

It can also be a fun way to learn everyday words in a more festive setting.

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No matter the setting, these 50 hilarious, unsavory jokes are never entirely appropriate.You can select a theme for the speech and then draw words or allow students to come up with their topics themselves.

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Fukalite is a mineral composed mostly of calcium, oxygen, and silicon.Hangman: Thanksgiving words can enliven this game as a classroom activity.Find Thanksgiving messages and words to make this Turkey Day celebration the best one yet. Thanksgiving like contentment is a learned.

Completely unrelated to a giant piece of you-know-what, this is the species name for the Tibetan blackbird, a member of the thrush family Turdidae that is found in the Himalayas.These 15 Dirty-Sounding Words Are Just Scientific Terms (So Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter).How Creativity Improves Mental Health And Wellnes Newfoundlander Asks Adele For Tea After 3 Concert Cancellations Syrian Refugees Are Already Making Canada A Greater Nation Canada-China Trade Deal Would Help Avoid Norsat-Like Concerns: Envoy.Duchess Of Cornwall Has Laughing Fit During Inuit Throat Singing.

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Familiarize your students with the list, then introduce them to various fun word wall activities.

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Here Are Reasons To Love The Great White North, As Told By Kids.